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Although ERP solutions help companies by streamlining their entire process and delivering valuable results, companies still find it difficult to effectively employ ERP with regards to taxation. With the complex regulations, tedious process and various statutory reports the taxation body demands, companies face immense challenges integrating the Indian taxation with their ERP.

Udyog offers its services to companies who are looking to optimize their ERP by integrating it with taxation module. We work closely with the customers in understanding their business scenario and requirements and build our offering around it and thus maximize the value of the offering. We follow robust ERP integration methodologies and world-class quality procedures. We also possess domain expertise in the field of taxation for almost two decades.

We have helped lot of customers from diverse industries and across different platforms in successfully integrating the taxation module with their ERP. With the expertise in the field of taxation backed by the robust technical process, we could offer you the best tax integration consultancy in the industry.

We cater to clients with the below requirements.

Integrating Indian taxation software with ERP:

Udyog provides the Consulting Services for the companies using ERP but doesn’t have Taxation Module in it. For this, our Functional Team gathers the details of the Business Processes, proposes our solution which could be integrated with ERP. As a result of this, the Client can use their ERP for the Business Operations and the taxation aspect is taken care of by our application.

Multinational Company extending global ERP implementation with Indian taxation:

Some of the Multinational Companies use Global ERP which has Taxation Module and functionalities but that may not be able to address the complete Tax Calculations and basic Statutory Reports with regards to Indian Taxation.

We offer a solution which could be integrated with the Global ERP that would help you to address the needs of generating various statutory reports and registers with respect to taxation.

Transaction type taxation setup and computing:

With the emergence of e-commerce businesses become borderless and transactions happen across borders. The problem arises with finding the right tax for the right product or the right transaction.

We provide consultancy in setting up transaction type taxation setup and also help you in integrating it with your existing ERP. We also help you in web-based integration so that tax calculation for online transactions can be made easy.